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1. Extrusion PVC granule and dry blend
2. PVC granule for injection-moulding

Extrusion PVC granule and dry blend

Those PVC granules of Szeplast Zrt. That are produced for extrusion have typically been formed in a way that they would fit the widest range of technical parameters of processing extruders (helix configurations, L/d relation, tool configuration, etc.). We have the widest range available in the region of UV-stabilized external white granules, with regards to expected processing characteristics and colour shades as well.
The processability and exposure of our soft PVC granules with soft and TPE characteristics are excellent on the basis of partner feedbacks.


PVC granule for injection-moulding

In the last few years injection-moulding base materials have demanded greater and greater part in the portfolio of SZEPLAST. We comply with the relating partner demands with the optimalization of our product development, production and control activities both in case of the soft and the hard base materials. This way we can provide you a possibility for long-term, standard and homogenic base material supply with creative development activity support.




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© Szeplast Zrt. | All rights reserved.

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  • Indoor/outdoor application from rigid PVC
  • Rigid PVC for corrugated pipes
  • Cable isolation, sheath
  • Thermoplastic gasket
  • Gasket from plasticized PVC
  • Rigid injection moulding PVC
  • Rigid PVC for purging and cleaning


  • Laboratory measurements for order


In 1994 our company stated its commercial mission as providing base materials of high-grade technical content and partner-specific services associated with the products for domestic and foreign trading companies within the field of PVC processing.

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